‘Should I do the SQE during my law degree?’

One reader is uncertain whether or not they need to research and sit the examination during their placement yr 🤔

In the newest instalment in our Profession Conundrums collection, one Authorized Cheek reader is trying to full half considered one of the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) during their placement yr.

“I am in the second year of my LLB. I am hoping to spend the 2022-23 academic year on a professional placement, working full-time as a paralegal or within an in-house legal team. Given that the SQE1 exam does not require a degree as a prerequisite, I am considering taking a part-time course and sitting the exam during my placement year. I would pay for this out of my maintenance loan. Is this sensible? What other factors do I need to consider?”

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