More Than Twice as Many H-2B Visas to be Available for Summer Season

As they did for last summer, the Division of Homeland Safety (DHS) and the Division of Labor (DOL) will make obtainable a further 35,000 H-2B non permanent nonagricultural employee visas for the second half of FY 2022. This greater than doubles the same old 33,000 allocation or cap for the summer season.

Of the brand new 35,000 visas, 23,500 will be allotted to returning employees (those that acquired H-2B standing inside the previous three years) and 11,500 will be allotted to nationals from El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, and Honduras, no matter whether or not they’re returning employees. Final 12 months, the particular allocation included solely the Northern Triangle international locations. This 12 months, Haiti has been added.

Secretary of DHS Alejandro J. Mayorkas said the new release is due to demand within the labor market and is supposed to “support American businesses and expand legal pathways for workers seeking to come to the United States.” This could please some companies, such as accommodations, eating places, and different service suppliers in summer season vacationer areas. Nonetheless, final 12 months, regardless of the extra allocation, all the additional visas had been snatched up shortly (besides for just a few left over from the Northern Triangle allocation).

H-2B visas enable employers to deliver overseas nationwide employees to the US for non permanent, seasonal, nonagricultural jobs. There’s a three-step course of concerned. First, the employer should show to DOL that there usually are not sufficient U.S. employees obtainable to do the job and that bringing in overseas nationals for these positions is not going to adversely have an effect on the wages and dealing circumstances of U.S. employees. Then, a petition should be filed with USCIS. Lastly, if all of that’s authorised, the worker must apply for an H-2B visa abroad.

Some employees are exempt from the cap:

  • Employees in the US in H-2B standing who lengthen their keep, change employers, or change the phrases and circumstances of their employment;

  • Fish roe processors, fish roe technicians, and their supervisors;

  • Employees who will be doing jobs within the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands or Guam.

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