Lawyers analyse child’s ‘new room contract’ with 9-year-old sister

‘Would a Haribo rent be a sensible consideration?’

Image credit: @JodiNewtonLaw

A lawyer mum has taken to Twitter to share a funny bedroom ‘contract’ between her son and daughter, and different legal professionals have given their ideas on its “legality”.

Jodi Newton, a medical negligence solicitor at Osbornes Legislation, tweeted: “Thoughts on the legality of this contract I have found between my 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter concerning an agreement reached about who takes the loft room in our new house?”

The three-clause kiddy ‘contract’ arms possession of the loft in Newton’s new home to her son, and as soon as signed, her daughter can not say that her brother doesn’t personal it.

Twitter legal professionals joked that the typed word had no consideration (“both literally and metaphorically”) or witness and that there could also be “some form of duress due to the ages of the parties” concerned. One Twitter consumer wrote: “Would a Haribo rent be a sensible consideration?”

Different legal professionals piled in giving their ‘advice’:

There have been additional amusing strategies from legal professionals that the youngsters ought to maintain the room as joint tenants or that the daughter ought to ensure a “transfer undertaking when her brother goes to university (to study law)”. One other Twitter consumer instructed that they check it in court “with Mummy LJ and Daddy LJ presiding together with the President, Grandma LJ”. Others stated that the dad and mom taking on the brand new room would represent — cue nerdy contract legislation joke — “frustration”.

Simon Mallett of KBW Barristers Chambers tweeted: “Unreadable signature — instantly deniable and unclear what is being offered — masterly agreement — they both have a very bright (and worrying) career ahead.”

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