Criminal lawyers make ‘boring’ dinner party guests, says judge

Tells newspaper his spouse insists on inviting solely separately as a result of ‘they cannot resist boasting about their triumphs’

A judge has informed how his spouse insists on inviting no a couple of lawyer to their dinner events as a result of lawyers, notably these within the legal courts, “cannot resist boasting about their triumphs”.

In a letter to the editor of The Instances (£), the judge says lawyers have rather a lot to reply for in terms of “boring dinner parties”.

“My wife, not a lawyer, does her very best to avoid them and insists that we invite no more than one lawyer to any dinner party,” says the letter printed within the newspaper on Sunday and signed “His Honour Simon Tonking” of Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire.

It continues:

“Her reason, which is sound, is that lawyers, particularly those in the criminal courts, cannot resist boasting about their triumphs, each of which they misguidedly think makes a cracking good story.”

The letter provides: “Any other lawyer present tries to cap that story with their own; and off we go. Or rather on and on we go. Add wine to the mix and we are unstoppable.”

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