Bothered By Silent Letters? Sometimes Latin Is To Blame

Many authorized phrases embody silent letters.  For instance, what potential purpose may there be for together with a “c” within the phrase “indict” or a “b” within the phrase “doubt”?  The inclusion of those seemingly ineffective letters is neither arbitrary nor capricious.  These voiceless letters are there for a purpose and in some circumstances that purpose is the Latin language.

The phrase “indict” is derived from the Latin phrases in and dictare, which means in opposition to and declare.  Thus, an indictment is a declaration in opposition to somebody.  In Anglo-French, the phrase misplaced the “c” and have become enditer.  4 or 5 hundred years in the past, nevertheless,  English scribes started to deal with the Latin origin of many English phrases.  Thus, they included a “c” in “indict” to align the phrase’s spelling with the unique Latin phrase.  Equally, “doubt” is derived from the Latin phrase dubitare which suggests to waver in opinion.  Orthographers likewise paid homage to the phrase’s Latin antecedents by together with a medial “b”.   The prefix of the Latin phrase, du, conveys the sense of two (duo).  Therefore to be doubtful is to be in two minds. 

Love of Latin isn’t the one purpose that English has so many silent letters.  Some phrases, equivalent to “pseudo” and “psyche” are borrowed from the Greek language which makes use of a distinct alphabet.   These phrases are spelt in Greek as ψεύδειν (which means to cheat) and ψύχein (which means to blow).   To transliterate these Greek phrases into the Latin alphabet, English writers employed a mixture of “p” and “s” to face in for the Greek letter ψ.   In different circumstances, silent letter are diacritical, such because the silent “e” positioned on the finish of a phrase to suggest a change in pronunciation – e.g., “ton” and “tone”.  

“How are the mighty fallen”

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