A fifth of law firms will require LPC grads to sit parts of the SQE

Future trainees to endure additional coaching however at agency’s expense, Authorized Cheek analysis reveals

Practically one fifth of law firms will require Authorized Observe Course (LPC) graduates to endure additional coaching and full parts of the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Authorized Cheek analysis reveals that 18% of graduate recruitment and studying & improvement groups at law firms throughout the nation will require LPC graduates to full SQE1 and a couple of or simply SQE2 upon becoming a member of them as trainees.

These firms indicated, nonetheless, that they will fund the price for taking the exams in addition to any prep programs.

The SQE formally got here into power on 1 September 2021, kickstarting the gradual part out of its predecessor, the LPC.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has authorised graduates who’ve handed the LPC to qualify as solicitors utilizing SQE2 and QWE (qualifying work expertise). The regulator deems this equal to a interval of recognised coaching, i.e. a coaching contract, they usually gained’t have to full SQE1. This might imply that some of the firms we surveyed anticipate utilizing this pathway for future trainee cohorts, who will qualify beneath the LPC route slightly than the new SQE regime.

It’s tough to say for certain why firms will require LPC grads to endure additional coaching as their approaches differ enormously beneath the new, extra versatile SQE regime. But it surely may very well be a manner to guarantee all their future trainees have undergone the identical rigorous coaching and are practice-ready.

The survey — undertaken by 33 law firms — additional revealed that the majority will totally transition to the SQE pathway in both 2023 or 2024; 36% mentioned they will enter the new route from 2023, with 42% saying they will achieve this from 2024. Simply 18% of respondent firms mentioned they will enter the SQE pathway from 2025 onwards.

The SQE has achieved away with the requirement that non-law grads should full a law conversion course, but the majority of firms we surveyed (85%) mentioned they will proceed to require future trainees full the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or re-badged Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL).

The SQE will be a central matter of dialogue at LegalEdCon 2022, Authorized Cheek‘s annual future of authorized training and coaching convention, happening right this moment, in-person, at Kings Place in London. Delegates will hear from a spread of law firms and law faculties on how they established SQE frameworks and the place they assume the new regime is headed.

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