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Estate Planning

Establish a proven asset protection strategy.

Estate planning is a very broad topic, which can have enormous implications for all the family members.


Estate planning strives to incorporate an efficient plan to hold wealth, transfer wealth, and maintain wealth in a beneficial and efficient form in order to preserve and protect the family’s wealth over generations. In some instances it may only be from one generation to the next, in other instances, it may provide for many multiple generations.


Estate planning incorporates several different and distinct areas of the law such as, wills and trusts, tax law, family law, business entity law, pension, IRA and other qualified accounts law, life insurance and annuity laws partnership law, real property law, intestacy law, patent and intellectual property law, entertainment law and international law.


Over the many years that the Duffey Law firm has been providing legal services our lawyers have had experience in most of all these distinct areas of the law as they pertain to estate planning and probate and trust administration.

The challenges and opportunities that face our clients are as varied as our clients and their unique circumstances. The Duffey law firm lawyers have benefited from experience in working with clients wealth ranging from a couple million dollars to over five hundred million dollars.


Special and unique challenges face clients who control or own closely held businesses. Whenever an asset of the estate includes a closely held business the complexities of the estate are significantly increased. For many years we’ve helped our client business owners work through the labyrinth of challenges and we’ve developed our own unique approach to “business exit strategies” and “business succession planning.”


Attorneys at The Duffey Law Firm have worked with various clients in the area of “Asset preservation (sometimes referred to as “asset protection.” We’ve worked with many doctors, lawyers and other “high profile” or “likely targets” of litigation in order to construct a conservative, careful estate planning structure that provides comfort and piece of mind for affluent clients who may have occupations which are particular susceptible to abusive litigation.


Florida residency is an important element of consideration for clients who may or already have relocated their domicile from high tax jurisdictions such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, or even California.

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